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Our Future: A Message from New President and CEO Mark Wietecha
September 18, 2011

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(Editor’s note: this memo was sent to all members jointly by NACHRI/N.A.C.H. and CHCA communications staff Friday, September 16, on behalf of Mark Wietecha.)

Our Future

Mark Wietecha, President and CEO, CHCA and NACHRI/N.A.C.H.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you to advance the success of your institutions through our new organization. It is truly a privilege for me. I look forward to meeting you and better understanding the needs of your institutions over the coming months. Together, we will make great progress in advancing our mission and your success, and most importantly, the health interests and future of children.

Our immediate priorities are to keep the current work initiatives moving and to accelerate the process of bringing our new organization together. It is critical we achieve the best possible impact on the direction of public policy as it relates to the financing of children’s health care, medical education and research. The political process is in full swing, and we are working thoughtfully to fully mobilize our strategy and influence to make a difference. There is much activity underway, and you can expect continued updates over the coming days and weeks.

To accelerate the integration of our new organization, I am working with Peggy Troy and the Interim Management Committee (IMC) to begin the leadership transition. My time commitment will steadily increase over the coming months as I conclude my current duties, and we will continue to rely on Peggy and the IMC’s continuity over this period. Our immediate priorities are to bring together the legacy plans of CHCA, NACHRI and N.A.C.H., to assess how we can be more effective in meeting your needs, and to begin aligning our operating organization and finances. It is our goal to move these processes along on a timely basis, and ensure you – our members – are providing your input on our direction and priorities. This is your organization. We will be working through Jim Mandell and the new Board to reach out to you and define how we expect these initiatives to unfold over the balance of 2011 and over the course of 2012.

Thank you again with warmest personal regards, 



1. Ana - October 11, 2012

Wow I love your schedule! And am so engeuracod by your post. I’m expecting my forth in March and will have four children 5 and under. I thought that was going to be crazy but you are showing me it’s possible (with God of course). I’d love to know what pick up trash meant for your 14 month old in your schedule. My youngest is 14 months and I’m pretty sure he’d eat anything if I wasn’t right with him (and even still he may try). I know all our babies are ready for things at different times, but I would love to know what that looked like for you. Thanks too for the chore ideas! I’m going to try to take inspiration from your schedule and see how it may help our family!Thank you![] Reply:September 22nd, 2011 at 11:41 amI have a 14 month old right now and she would also eat anything that was on the floor. I don’t remember that happening with Matthew, but I did closely supervise this clean up. We all worked together.Matthew was responsible to pick up any napkins or large pieces of food that had been dropped and put those in the trash can. It was a simple job, but one that he could do without breaking anything or making a bigger mess.Amber used a small dust pan and brush to sweep up under the table and I helped by pointing out crumbs that she didn’t see. I also had to pre-clear the table because the little ones couldn’t handle serving dishes and other larger items. Hope that makes it more clear.[]